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365/70 She dreams in words not yet spoken...

I learned to read before I ever attended my first day of school. My mom loved to tell me the story of how I scared the bejeepers out of her when she figured it out.... She was a member of one of those book of the month clubs, only it was for kids books. My favorite thing to do was open the new book when it got there and she would read it to me. I had my favorites that she read to me so many times that eventually I would "read" them to her...I guess I had just memorized the words at first. Somewhere along the way I must have memorized what the words looked like too, because one day we got a new book, she let me open it and then I told her I wanted to read it to her! I guess she was just playing along, but when I actually read a few words correctly it dawned on her that I was reading! I adore reading, words, word play, word games....

I'll admit that grammar and spelling can be a pain in the hind parts but words, oh how I love words. I love to know the history and origins of them!

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Taken on January 15, 2009