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    I wanted to do this hybrid ever since I saw that Mattel followed through and released an articulated Skipper doll. I swapped her legs with the Skateboarding Skipper doll and it was a success! Now, if only Mattel would just do this in the first place along with giving her some friends like Chelsea has…

    Her articulation is surprisingly good, she can put her hands on her hip, her elbow joints are tight, and her wrists moves better that the Fashionistas IMO. Her outfit is nice quality too, her top is a full print as well as being made with a nice material and her top and leggings are separate pieces. Weird that Mattel is getting more and more inconsistent with their clothing quality, bummer.

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    1. E G B D F 73 months ago

      hesitant offer
      Thanks! I didn't know that! :)

    2. hesitant offer [deleted] 73 months ago

      E G B D F You just need to be careful when you tie them to hold them in place - if you tie too tight the string paired with heat will leave creases on the hair.

    3. Nickolas Hananniah 73 months ago

      The hand sculpt is fantastic! So graceful! Too bad we will never see it on fashionistas - they are losing their upper limbs articulation in a year's time and going back to cave times when dolls were just shapeless stiff pieces of wood....

    4. hesitant offer [deleted] 73 months ago

      Nickolas Hananniah Wait, where do you get your information?

    5. E G B D F 73 months ago

      I wouldn't mind if it means they'll increase the budget for clothing but the closets are so meager, I don't think that'll happen.

      If they had never won against MGA, they probably would be putting out triple better fashions and dolls right now. They have no competition and no reason to increase quality.

    6. Nickolas Hananniah 73 months ago

      hesitant offer This is MY prediction, not an official statement (not that they have ever made one before going back to stiffness). It is only logical. First the chest articulation went, then the knees, now it is the arms and wrists' turn. We have seen it all before - in the collectable line and in the play line both. So don't tell me you will be surprised, if fashionistas are stiff again in a years' time. :)

    7. Nickolas Hananniah 73 months ago

      E G B D F Sadly, I agree. The awful clothes in the fashionistas lines I explain to my self with the costly articulated bodies. So if the articulation goes, the old great FF clothes may come back. Although it is highly unlikely. Then, imagine the jolly picture - stiff bb bodies in awful tasteless cloths of the today's Fashionistas. The future is bright....

    8. E G B D F 73 months ago

      I doubt the FF clothes will ever be back unless someone gives them some strong competition. They're probably dropping the articulation now that LIV's been retired.

    9. Nickolas Hananniah 73 months ago

      I never liked Liv, and it never occurred to me that she is the reason Barbie got so articulated (I consider the last wave of fashionistas before the swapping nightmare to be the peak of articulation on a play line Barbie doll). But still we have the Monsters. I think there will be a new articulated doll to fill the market void left by Liv. I really hope, because of not - the near future of play line dolls (we've already lost the collectable) is going to be very stiff and unpose-able.

    10. hesitant offer [deleted] 73 months ago

      Nickolas Hananniah No, I won't be, because Mattel shows you the middle finger on a daily basis. But they're not dropping it yet and maybe they'll keep one articulated line, because the last time they dropped it they brought it back in a few months. Kids love articulated dolls, there's no way the competition won't take advantage of that if Mattel decides not to. I think the problem with awful clothing must be the costs - growing gas prices mean raging inflation and the dolls wouldn't be affordable anymore if they didn't compromise on the quality. Either way Mattel won't be able to maintain the sales if they continue to deliver worse crap every year - people will eventually stop buying if clones are better than the original. Then I fear we'll have a complete re-imagining of Barbie with new everything that will no longer fit anything we've accumulated through all these years. I'd still give them more than a year before shit hits the fan.

    11. Nickolas Hananniah 73 months ago

      hesitant offer I agree. The commercial side is the one to blame for the poor quality of the clothes - the SIS series proves it. I really hope Mattel would come around before playline Barbies are completely ruined.

    12. plausible payment [deleted] 73 months ago

      I gotta try this...Thanks for sharing ^_^

    13. Ryan The Boy 2 73 months ago

      Wow wow wow Im in shock! I didnt know that it would make it!! Great Idea!! Love your new Skipper Fashionista!! I really want to see her new style =D

    14. E G B D F 71 months ago

      Does she fit into Francie's clothes? I was thinking of getting some of those Fashions.

    15. tru_fashionista_luv 71 months ago

      plausible payment Ryan The Boy 2 Thanks guys!

      E G B D F I'm not sure about Francie since I don't have one, but I think the dresses and tops would be a good fit and the shoes if she's got flat feet.

    16. blackiegracie 68 months ago

      Thanks for the demo!
      I finally bought Hula Skipper and followed your instructions for the leg swap.
      It worked! So Cool!!!
      :) Zoila

    17. tru_fashionista_luv 68 months ago

      blackiegracie Yay, happy that you can enjoy a Fashionistas Skipper now too! :)

    18. Jackie (Follower of Jesus +) 67 months ago

      Smart! Great idea! Great work!!

    19. fopalmer 11 months ago

      Amen! I agree completely...although a little late! ;-)

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