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#TellMeStraightUp | by tru_fashionista_luv
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Anderson’s Pad - Friday Afternoon



*As Sharpay leaves Anderson’s pad and heads to her pink Mustang, she is ambushed by a group of G.L.A.M. TV paparazzos.*


Paparazzo #1: *while taking pictures* Sharpay, over here!


Paparazzo #2: Sharpay, you looks gorgeous!


Sharpay: Aw, you all are too sweet. But really, there are more interesting people to be following besides me


Paparazzo #3: Sharpay, mind telling us what it‘s like being the girlfriend of a Winston model.


Sharpay: *looking for her keys in her clutch* Well, I‘d have to be one before I could answer that question, now wouldn’t I?


Paparazzo #4: *while taking pictures* So, you and Rom aren‘t dating?


Sharpay: No, just friends. Sorry to disappoint you boys.


Paparazzo #2: Well, what are your thoughts about Brie Hadley‘s accusations that you broke her and Rom up?


Sharpay: *giggles* Oh, poor girl. She‘s got me mistaken by the character I play. Kennedy steals boyfriends, Sharpay Evens does not!


Paparazzo #1: What do you think she meant when she said she “feared for her life”?


Sharpay: Easy, she meant that she feared for her ‘fashion’ life. Without Rom, Brie is just another girl in the sea of LA’s platinum blonde aspiring models, but together, she got the major career boost that a girl dreams of. Honestly, how else do you think she got on Top Model by Grace?


Paparazzo #4: One more question, Sharpay. Do you and Mick talk when your not filming, has he mentioned anything about--


Sharpay: *opens her car door* Sorry boys. It‘s been fab, but I have to be on my way now. Au revoir! *blows them a kiss*

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Taken on July 10, 2012