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#TypicalDifficult | by tru_fashionista_luv
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G.L.A.M. TV Studios - Friday Afternoon



*Elle walks onto the set of StarBuzz and, after a quick search, spots the girl she’s looking for. She quickly smoothes out any wrinkles in her outfit and walks over to Harleen.*


Elle: Well, hello Harleen!


Harleen: Oh, hi Elle. How‘s it going?


Elle: Not so good actually, I just saw your latest live stream and it made me realize that I never told you my number one rule.


Harleen: Which is?


Elle: That my boyfriend is off limits. You can talk about any and everyone except him. Got it?


Harleen: I thought your number one rule was that “you have to be the first to reveal a scoop and screw who it hurt”.


Elle: Yes, and that goes for those stupid Winston Models only! Mick is off limits, end of discussion. Ok?


*Elle flips her hair and turns to leave.*


Harleen: (annoyed) Well, if you saw the stream, you would realize that it indeed was about a Winston model. Besides, I‘ve had it up to here with your forever changing “rules”. I was doing my job and reporting what they give me, and it’s not my fault it you didn‘t like who was involved.


Elle: *faces Harleen, narrows eyes* Don’t get on my bad side. Seriously, you WILL regret it.


Harleen: Elle, keep in mind that I’m not one of those timid interns without a backbone. My ‘BS detector’ is working now and I see that you are just a narcissistic princess who gets what you wants because you’re prone to spit the dummy! Honestly, I’ve noticed that you're mad as a meat axe.


Elle: (harshly) God, I am SO sick your idiotic slang. Speak English!


Harleen: (sharply) You want “English”, fine. Kiss. My. Arse! I’ve tried to be your friend, but there is NO WAY that I can stand spending time with a drongo like you.


*Harleen turns away and Elle viciously grabs her shoulder, turning her back around.*


Elle: (whispers) Hope you had spewing your inane foreign insults because that was a one time thing. Try it again and I will have you fired before you can say “shrimp on the barbie”!


*Elle flips her hair and bumps Harleen’s shoulder as she passes.*

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Taken on June 30, 2012