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Some Unholy War

Isn't this pic adorable? A little girl playing with her Barbie DOLL, awww!


So, why is this posted by me? Just for my two cents.


I've been searching on Flickr for unboxed reference shots of dolls I want to one day purchase and I keep running into SO many doll bashing shots. Everywhere I turn, I mainly see shots of a Bratz doll fighting a Barbie, Moxie Teen fighting a Liv, or a Liv fighting a Barbie. What’s funny is that those with all the hatred for the doll for no real concrete reason.


“I hate Barbie because she’s always smiling”.

“I hate Barbie because she‘s old”.

“I hate Liv because they look dead and creepy”.

“I hate So In Style because they copied the hair styling idea ”.


Basically, it's like this - “I hate (doll line) because (insert stupid reason here)”.

How lame is that? There’s also the court case, but doing research will prove that hating for that reason is lame too.


I understand that you don't like a doll line or aren't interested in them, we all are like that. I'm not interested in Bratz because every single one I bought or that’s been given to me had a loose neck knob and it highly annoyed me. But to go so far as to buy the doll you hate, rip the head off, and to take a shot of it all mangled and destroyed with speech bubbles surrounding reading “Die, Die, DIE” is all pretty sick. You hate them, but yet you go and buy them? Contradicting much?


I totally love Barbie, but saying that brings on accusations that I see Barbie as my ‘God’. Seriously? That has to be one of the most insane things I have ever heard. What happened to the days when dolls were dolls, just toys that were for having fun?! I’ve always had Barbies and I didn’t want her body, her forever arched foot, or long hair. Barbie was always fun and fashion, period. I think going so far as to worship a doll or the company that produces it, hating ANYTHING else out there from any other company while accusing any new doll of being a rip-off if the one you worship is asinine and pathetic.


I’m fortunate enough to be friends with collectors who have collections as eclectic as mine and see dolls as dolls. Maybe I’m just one of the lucky ones?



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Taken on February 8, 2011