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These pictures were taken in Austin, Texas area at The Ball Farm (Dale, Texas) during the 35th Annual Waterloo Disc Golf Classic benefiting the Ronald McDonald House of Austin. This was a PDGA Tier C Event run by the Waterloo Disc Golf Club.

I am an all around photo enthusiast with something a little more than "basic" photography skills. I enjoy disc golf and promoting things that I enjoy. I enjoy taking pictures and recording moments whenever I can.

Should you wish to use my images.. PLEASE contact me as a Professional Courtesy.. I would like to know where/how they would be used (as well as the subjects in them). In most situations it should not be an issue, and I would be honored that you have requested to use them. *In accordance with the copyright on them, please do not use them for public, commercial, marketing use without my specific permission.

This even includes if someone pulls them from your FB page, since the source was MY page and the image source is mine. Thanks* (just contact me...its simple and we don't need lawyers...but they are copyrighted)