shoren-in tree

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    1. looking4poetry ages ago | reply

      rhoooooo this place is so magic !!! i don't know which one i would like to fave more =)

    2. boopsie.daisy ages ago | reply

      Please stop amazing me! Aaahhhh!!!!

      Somebody oughta drag Topri Amos or some
      amazingly ethereal-looking goddess like creature
      to that EXACT location for a full-on photo shoot.

      Incredible photo! Just smitten with it! :)

    3. cafferacer ages ago | reply

      trane, i was on tthe phone with orion and he said my shit was cool and i said fuck u trane is the man and then i had a burrito...

    4. harrip ages ago | reply

      Trane - your photos are so bad... they make me miss Japan far too much. Great colours and very japanese. I love that place :)

    5. hapabapaa ages ago | reply

      such a beautiful shot...just love the green...

    6. troutfactory ages ago | reply

      @ François — Thank you! This place really is magic. As for the faves, why not fave them all? It's free, you know.

      @ Boopsie Daisy — I promise that for the next week I'll post nothing but boring/mundane photos. Unless Tori Amos shows up, in which case I won't be able to resist a full-on photo shoot.

      @ Brian — Your shit *is* cool! But you're not allowed to mention burritos while I'm in Japan. Damn — you just made my mouth water!

      @ Pete — Hee hee hee. I specialize in bad photography.

      @ Ted — The green at this particular temple has a level of greeness that is even higher than the level of greeness at surrounding temples. I don't know why — must be the good gardeners.

    7. naniwanorider ages ago | reply


    8. gofeetgo ages ago | reply

      God is great. And so are you!

    9. petrichor ages ago | reply

      Magic - very Zen.

    10. Ivan Hache ages ago | reply


      I want to sleep under this tree!

    11. troutfactory ages ago | reply

      @ naniwanorider — Thank you! It's a beautiful tree.

      @ gofeetgo — Um. Wow. But since it's a Buddhist temple I think you have to say "Buddha is great." :)

      @ petrichor — Ha ha! The Tendai priests at this place would probably tell you that the Zen temple is just down the street! (Actually, one of the most famous Zen temples IS just down the street.)

      @ ogroboku — I think the Tendai gardeners would try to sweep you up with their brooms. :P

    12. ages ago | reply

      pretty! reminds me of this tree in portland.

    13. troutfactory ages ago | reply

      Ha ha! Thanks for that link Angie. I wonder if there's a Japanese group called "That one maple tree at Shoren-in"?

    14. Sean Breslin [deleted] ages ago | reply

      Right, that does it. I have nothing to do today so after seeing this I'm going off to take a few pictures of temple gardens and then find a bamboo forest to get lost in - copying is the best form of flattery and all that...

    15. troutfactory ages ago | reply

      Sean — You should totally, totally take a bunch of temple garden shots. I'd love to see them. It might be raining this weekend though. But hey — rain makes for lovely moody temple shots, right?

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