2011 January - MacQueen
Our overnight took place at MacQueen Forest Preserve near Kirkland, Illinois. We stayed inside a cabin heated by a wood stove. After lunch we visited nearby Russell Woods Forest Preserve at Genoa, Illinois for an afternoon of sledding. The temperatures were mild and the snow was fairly thin with some grass showing through in spots. Benches around a campfire provided for a warm break. Back at MacQueen we enjoyed a great chili dinner. Evening activities included flashlight tag, and a movie, "Grown Ups".

The second day began with a hot breakfast of pancakes and bacon. It had been snowing. Some time was spent hiking around the bridge over Kingsberry Creek which leads into Potawatomie Forest Preserve. We finished the trip with another visit to Russell Woods Forest Preserve for sledding on the hill. The fresh layer of snow, coupled with new snow falling, made it a great time for sledding.
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