2011 February - Kondike Derby
The midwest was buried under a massive blizzard on February 1, 2011. Schools were closed, roads were buried, and our Klondike Derby was scheduled for the Saturday after. Most of the Scouts signed up for the event didn't show. Our trailer used to haul our klondike sleds was packed in a drift of wind blown snow. We were an hour late arriving at the event.

The snow was plentiful and the temperature was pleasant, in the high teens, low twenties.

Our Scouts enjoyed participating in: Fire Building, Log Sawing, Sled Race, Orienteering, and Indoor Rifle Range. We had to depart the event early to attend a Crossover Ceremony scheduled by a Cub Scout Pack. Unfortunately as a result of our late arrival and early departure our Scouts didn't have time to participate in: First Aid, Tomahawk Throw, or Track Identification.

At the Crossover Ceremony we welcomed Logan into Troop 33
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