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[    -    1213 geminids 1, 2, 3    -    ] | by ǝlɐǝq ˙M ʍǝɥʇʇɐW
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[ - 1213 geminids 1, 2, 3 - ]

[ Low-fi images of a meteor moving through three continuous shooting mode frames ... ]


I was out, as I try to be, in the 1+ hour time frame before sunrise, when there are showers that tend to be generous in fireball offerings. A university has promised me an all sky cam to add this Texas town to their network, something that clearly hasn't happened. So, I summon my low-fi gadget brigade, head to the roof, knowing the extent to which luck will play a part in it all. I saw amazing fireballs, always seemingly outside the gaze of my weathered toys.


This was shot with my primary cam at the moment, a Fuji, and sensing that I was obtaining little/nothing of value, started just playing with settings,and these were just a ramdom set of three [shot in a high ISO for some reason, and again, only three where there are typically many more]. I still have loads to look through, but decided to present these frustrating oddities [another very abstract version to follow ;]. Since the contrast was *quite* low, I had to perform emergency surgery with a laptop. Hopefully I was able to salvage enough -- the original had the faintest outlines, but were a surprise and unmistakable.


As always, thank you for taking a peek. Prost.

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Taken on December 13, 2016