Presentationconcert 2013
From the 27th October until 1st November 2013 TROMP organised the TROMP Repertoire Days at the Conservatory of Amsterdam.

These Repertoire Days create a perfect possibility to practice the repertoire together with these experienced renowned percussionist as preparation for participation in the contest.

For this masterclass we invited:

- Nancy Zeltsman (U.S.A.) - marimba
- Ramon Lormans (The Netherlands) - mallets
- James Wood (United Kingdom) - set up
- Peter Prommel (The Netherlands) - ensemble
- Mark Braafhart (The Netherlands) - orchestral playing
- Garrett Mendelow (U.S.A.) - set up

After a week of hard work, the students named CvA Percussion performed at the Muziekgebouw Eindhoven together with 2nd prize winner Garrett Mendelow and Nancy Zeltsman.
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