TROMP Repertoire Days Amsterdam 2013 - James Wood
In preparation of the TROMP International Percussion Competition Eindhoven 2014 a series of masterclasses are given by members of the jury for competitors around the globe. These Repertoire Days are organized by TROMP Percussion Eindhoven since 2010. It creates a perfect possibility to practice the repertoire together with these experienced renowned percussionist as preparation for participation in the contest.

The TROMP Repertoire Days started on a small-scale during the 2010 edition. The 2012 edition we've extended the event to include Boston, Shanghai and Amsterdam. In preparation for the upcoming edition in 2014 the TROMP Repertoire Days once again will grow to cities like Shanghai, Moscow, Sao Paulo and Tokyo.

TROMP Percussion Eindhoven managed to assemble the following percussionists for the TROMP Repertoire Days Amsterdam:
Amsterdam | Amsterdam Conservatorium

- Nancy Zeltsman (U.S.A.) marimba
- Ramon Lormans (The Netherlands) mallets
- James Wood (United Kingdom) set up
- Peter Prommel (The Netherlands) ensemble
- Mark Braafhart (The Netherlands) orchestral playing
- Garrett Mendelow (U.S.A.) set up
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