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93.365 - I am... | by Jeff the Trojan
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93.365 - I am...

...a patriotic American.

…the descendent of immigrants.

...lucky that I was born and raised in this nation, and aware that I did nothing in the womb to be that lucky.

...a person with a moral compass, based on the values my Christian parents taught me and further tempered by my life experiences.

...proud of the many good things America does for us here at home and for the rest of the world in need.

...not afraid to criticize American policies that do harm to Americans and the rest of the world.

...a former Republican, driven away from the party by their abandonment of fiscal conservatism in favor of social conservatism.

…a proponent of listening to people who disagree with you and trying to reach a reasonable, rational agreement.

...hesitantly willing to accept the use of force if all other options have been exhausted.

...sickened by the fact that we let our fellow Americans die from treatable diseases because they don't have enough money to afford decent healthcare.

…worried that if we don’t start acting on it as a country, future generations will be dealing with the environmental problems we allowed to happen (or caused directly).

…concerned that our dependence on foreign sources of energy are a threat to our national security.

...appalled that working-class Americans are being squeezed by higher fuel prices (and higher food and utility prices as a result) while oil companies are swimming in record profits.

…not too proud to ask for help when I can’t do something alone.

…in favor of a woman’s right to choose, but want to make sure that comprehensive sex education, access to birth control, and other programs are in place to make sure as few women as possible have to make such a heartbreaking decision.

…fiscally conservative, and in favor of accountability and responsibility when it comes to government spending.

…angry that my children, grandchildren, and great-grandchildren are inheriting a huge national debt as a result of this war in Iraq.

…angry that over 4,000 of my fellow countrymen will never see their children or grandchildren as a result of the same war.

…not afraid of electing a president with a skin color that is different than mine, or with a name that sounds foreign to me.

…not going to let my fear of terrorism override my sense of reason, decency, and morality any longer.

…in favor of letting two consenting adults who are in love with each other get married, despite their genders.

…confused why people think that creationism should be taught as science when it is a religious explanation for life and not a scientific theory.

…in favor of strengthening our border security, but dealing with people who are already here illegally with the compassion and dignity they deserve as human beings.

…upset that the current administration’s attitude towards business (i.e. that the government should not interfere with business, and that the free market will cause companies to operate ethically) has lead to things like the Enron scandal, the mortgage crisis, and job losses for hundreds of thousands of Americans.

…concerned that our educational system is broken, kids aren’t getting enough one-on-one attention, and teachers are underpaid.

…outraged at how our military veterans are treated when they get home (and how many of them are sent back to war again after they’ve done their duty).

…aware that no candidate is going to agree with my views 100% of the time.

…also aware that no president can singlehandedly accomplish everything they say they want to, and that the checks and balances of our government are there to ensure this.

…not going to stay quiet about my opinions because I’m afraid of offending people I like.

…totally supportive of your right to disagree with anything I’ve said here.

…voting for Barack Obama.

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Taken on September 1, 2008