that's a pretty good price

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    ...though I'm not sure you want to go bargain hunting for something like that.

    1. dogseat 91 months ago | reply

      extra large, too

    2. dickuhne 91 months ago | reply

      I am Richard Hell and I approve this message

    3. WilWheaton 91 months ago | reply

      Am I going to hell because I laughed really, really hard at this?

      (found via warren ellis, btw)

    4. evetsggod 91 months ago | reply

      ...and all i got was this lousy t-shirt.

    5. amysimmer 91 months ago | reply

      listen, just hold out a bit longer. these will be on sale at the gap in another month.

    6. chuckwheat 91 months ago | reply

      What was the extra 4 bucks for?

    7. the feathermonster 91 months ago | reply

      Well, it apparently WAS an XL abortion, afterall.

    8. Rainman662 91 months ago | reply

      did they validate your parking?

    9. spacedman 91 months ago | reply

      Can you get 'I was an abortion' T-shirts too?

      Actually I wish the two abortion camps would call themselves 'Anti-choice' and 'Anti-life'...

    10. brainware3000 91 months ago | reply

      this is my costume next year

    11. SeenyaRita 91 months ago | reply

      XL for pregnant men?

      right on.

      keep abortions legal and cheap!

    12. salmon 91 months ago | reply

      keep 'em legal, make 'em cheap!

      i love that i get a free abortion a year from my health insurance company.

    13. auntnanny 91 months ago | reply

      true, that.

    14. dianaschnuth 90 months ago | reply

      i love that i get a free abortion a year from my health insurance company.

      Yet my annual girlie exam isn't covered by my insurance, because it's preventative medicine. Not sure how to feel about this dichotomy...

    15. salmon 90 months ago | reply

      my insurance covers my girlie exam, as well. and birth control. i recognize and am grateful for the fact that it is better than most plans.

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