Bluebird Wings

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This is certainly not the best photo, but it was a thrill to watch the male bluebird feeding the two fledglings. Charles built this birdhouse from an old barn door and set it on the deck planning to give it away. Immediately, we noticed a pair of bluebirds checking it out to see if it was suitable for a nest. The pair seemed to like the old barn door birdhouse and moved in. Charles secured the birdhouse to the deck and we watched the pair as they built their nest and hatched their fledglings. As the fledglings grew, we noticed that the female bluebird wasn't around the nest and that the male bluebird was doing all of the feeding. The two little bluebirds soon left the nest under the care and guidance of the male bluebird.

A few weeks later, another pair of bluebirds "refreshed" the nest and now they are feeding four fledglings! We have had lots of fun watching the bluebirds!!

More bluebird photos to come.......

Eastern Bluebird
Tennessee, USA

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  1. Daniel Schoumakers 89 months ago | reply

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  2. merymolinas 89 months ago | reply

    Perfect shot!! Claps for you!!!
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  3. Sam, Ho 89 months ago | reply

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  4. proudof7 89 months ago | reply

    I love it.. great nature!!

  5. vlastik 89 months ago | reply

    Simply spectacular, on so many levels. Congratulations.
    Seen on your photo stream. ( ?² )

  6. Vlad Bezden 89 months ago | reply

    Wow. Perfect shot.

  7. hearman 89 months ago | reply

    Excellent photo

  8. Joss-Linn Gagné 89 months ago | reply

    Fantastic capture, well done! Get 5 awards like this
    and post your picture in our "WoWccasion's gallery"


  9. Connie Lemperle 89 months ago | reply

    Looks outstanding to me. Love the light coming through the birds wings! Gorgeous!
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  10. ~ Bron ~ 89 months ago | reply

    What a magnificent shot!!!

  11. runlama 89 months ago | reply

    Great capture! Love the red and blue colors and the light shining through the wings. Very nice!

  12. davidlepnyc 89 months ago | reply

    I like the interaction between the two birds and the wing spread is nice. Very good shot overall, you should be proud of it.

  13. jcowboy 88 months ago | reply

    Beautiful capture, birds and birdhouse!

  14. Vincenzo S 88 months ago | reply

    fantastica Vincenzo

  15. biogreen 88 months ago | reply

    Great you see us males have a place in this old ecosystem!

  16. Domi Rolland  88 months ago | reply




  17. Nino H 88 months ago | reply

    Amazing capture !

  18. Levels Nature 88 months ago | reply

    Hi, I'm an admin for a group called Carl's Bird Club (post 1 comment 1), and we'd love to have this added to the group!

    Just brilliant! The wings are fave! :-)

  19. Dragan Fly 88 months ago | reply

    I wouldn't touch the crop. Love the perimeter elements and how they make the shot.

  20. yahcatphotos 83 months ago | reply

    Great nature shot with a great commentary to go with it. We are truly blessed when we get to see a scene like this. We are further blessed when a fellow photographer captures it and shares it with millions of others. Thanks.

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