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This is just an outtake from this. I really wished that Nikomat camera worked so I could shoot film, but right now I'm trying to find a polaroid camera and film on ebay.

AND I wanted to say thanks to Dara and Brandon for the 18/55 mm (:

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  1. V. Bures-Photography 48 months ago | reply

    wow your pics are really amazing! :)
    love your stream. <3

  2. nnahs 48 months ago | reply

    love this!

  3. near proximity 48 months ago | reply

    oh my. this is gorgeous!

  4. Tenineight 48 months ago | reply

    This is beautiful! I love your necklace!

  5. Blue Like The Ocean 48 months ago | reply

    I'm in love with this photo.
    Just so you know.

  6. TinaCathou 47 months ago | reply

    Your style is gorgeous! And so is the camera.
    Beautiful light as well.

  7. Karla the Unicorn. 47 months ago | reply

    I like that outfit! And the entire photo of course. :)

  8. .gennamariie. 47 months ago | reply

    i absolutely love this! i lighting and the colors are great. i want your camera haha:)

  9. love and lattes 47 months ago | reply

    really really love that outfit!

  10. karaliu. 46 months ago | reply

    Love the camera! I'm in love with your photostream

  11. PaigeWatson 46 months ago | reply

    i read that you want a Polaroid well im guessing youll be just as excited about this news as i am! okay so they stopped making film right? THEY ARE COMING OUT WITH A NEW POLAROID!! awesome huh!? ps. amazing shot

  12. Kate Sisterinlaw 46 months ago | reply

    :) Bellissima !!! I love this photo

  13. ehm jay 46 months ago | reply

    love this! its amazing!

  14. Sean Culligan 45 months ago | reply

    Oh sweet camera! for an outtake this is great!

  15. ChelseaMeadows 45 months ago | reply

    Film is something great to work with, it just gets so expensive (not saying that digital doesn't) I hate to repeat the same thing but the sunlight on your arm is.. great. I really like how both area of the yard are shaded differently. You also have a amazing set of accessories going on there ;)

  16. czarlyna_99 42 months ago | reply

    i love pentax! <3

  17. Rebecca Mahoney 40 months ago | reply

    i have that skirt :]
    love the camera <3

  18. David A Córdova M 40 months ago | reply

    love the outfit!
    amazing shot!

  19. RylinDilys 38 months ago | reply

    i love this shot!

    tumblr posted it. Hope you wouldn't mind. I credited it to u..

    link : tweedletwaddle.tumblr.com/post/3422630532

  20. katt robb^ 34 months ago | reply

    you have BEAUTIFUL jewelry

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