Hello Kthulhu 4

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    Hello Kthulhu
    Huggable elder god. she has sweet red eyes, 4 face tentacles, arms and legs as well as wings.

    Intoxicatingly Kawaii!

    So cute you don't mind going insane or having your soul ripped out for devouring.

    3.5 in tall when standing.
    bamboo-merino blend.
    bamboo-cotton blend bow and dress.

    This photo has been blogged halfway across the Multiverse and back...
    If you see it in a commercial setting PLEASE let me know right away.

    It was wonderful for Craft Magazine to promote me so widely,
    but I've now lost control of who uses this photo.

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    1. Steffie* 70 months ago | reply

      That is seriously the cutest thing I've ever seen in my entire life.

    2. bladepdx5 70 months ago | reply

      The eyes are amazing. I think of albino rabbits and of pinkeye.

    3. citizen_rutabega 70 months ago | reply

      It'll drive you MAD with it's adorability!

    4. trinlayk 70 months ago | reply

      Today, she's going in the mail, off to LONDON, where she will probably devour the citizenry in a nice curry.

    5. Shatteredshards 70 months ago | reply

      She's cute enough to die for.

    6. Xtine66 70 months ago | reply

      Awww, isn't it cute?

      Hey, what's with the shrill piping?.....

    7. bladepdx5 70 months ago | reply

      I don't suppose there's a pattern available... (please?)

    8. trinlayk 70 months ago | reply

      bladepdx5, I don't use patterns, and probably couldn't write one to save my life.

      Look for the Annie Obachan Amigurumi book it gives the basics:
      I make an oblate spheroid for the head and add tapered icod for the tenacles, the rest is a sort of basic jointed amigurumi body and limbs.

    9. Carol Browne 70 months ago | reply

      Completely awesome AND genius. Love it!

    10. AllegroArts 70 months ago | reply

      i love it!!!

      so sweet :)

    11. trinlayk 70 months ago | reply

      Hi Allegro!

    12. trinlayk 70 months ago | reply

      as of 11 am Central Time today.

      * Viewed 8,669 times (Not including you)

      Holy CARP Cthulhu, that is a LOT of views!

      Thank you!

    13. Daniel Rocal 68 months ago | reply

      Very funny and cute.

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