The photographic exhibition 21 HEROES was the third and final component of the 2013 programme.

Sponsored by Atlantic it was hosted at the contemporary art center, Granderson Lab in Belmont from October 19th to the 30th.

42 large-scale prints were suspended in the space showcasing a portrait of each hero as an ordinary person and of each hero in full costume as their invented personal superhero avatar. A video with clips from the workshop and public parade displayed on continuous loop.

At the conclusion of the exhibition all prints were to be handed over to the Goodwill Industries for distribution to each hero for their personal collection. All costumes and artwork produced during the workshop were returned to the heroes also.

Special thanks must be given to Atlantic, the sponsor of the exhibition, to Granderson Lab for the venue, SESL security services and to Marketing and Distribution for specials on wine for the opening.
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