21st Century Bliss

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    "Bliss" is the default Windows XP background wallpaper photographed in 1996 by Charles O'Rear along Hwy 12 in Sonoma County, California. You can read a little more about Bliss in Wikipedia, however, the 2006 re-shoot that's on that site was taken from the wrong location, approximately 350' farther Northeast, it is of the correct hill, but it is shot in the wrong direction.

    My first attempt to recapture bliss in March was stymied by boring gray skies which left me shooting other things with better skies. Where to park the car along the very busy Hwy 12 will always be a problem, fortunately this time around the house that sits closest to the photo location was up for sale and empty so I took the opportunity to park there and walk the 175 yds to the correct spot. I didn't have the printed image of bliss that I brought with me in March so I aligned the hills by memory. Now I see that I missed the exact location by a few feet. When I left Sacramento, the skies looked very promising, by the time I got to Sonoma, most of the nice clouds had blown to the east so I'll probably give it a shot another time which will give me a chance to fine-tune my location.

    If anyone is wondering, the tree tops visible near the right edge of the original bliss image are no longer there, it's my belief the trees were cut down prior to 2004 to make room for a house. You can see the changes using the historical imagery in Google Earth.

    Bliss on black

    Be sure to check out Summer Bliss...

    ... and also Autumn Bliss

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    1. Tony Immoos 48 months ago | reply

      "Bliss" as captured by Charles O'Rear

      21st Century Bliss, widescreen

      My best Bliss yet... Autumn Bliss (15nov12)
      Autumn Bliss

    2. deniseolrich 48 months ago | reply

      Great job, your perseverance paid off!!

    3. jeandayphotography.com 48 months ago | reply

      Still a very nice shot even without the clouds.
      Discovered using FlickrFox. ( ?² )

    4. oddsock 48 months ago | reply

      Excellent work !
      Thanks for posting to Blissful Thinking : )

    5. @_natashaleigh 48 months ago | reply

      this is just too cool :D

    6. phn - 48 months ago | reply

      cool, nice!

    7. soorajprabhakaran 32 months ago | reply

      Superb picture Tony..I greatly appreciate your effort.....!!! You have a done a good job

    8. elchicholino 26 months ago | reply

      Excelente!! ya la pongo de fondo de escritorio en mi Windows 7 ;-)

    9. ButtercupJs 22 months ago | reply

      Great job, and thank you for sharing!

    10. ToastyKen 16 months ago | reply

      Have you considered replacing the 2006 image on Wikipedia with yours?

    11. Tony Immoos 15 months ago | reply

      No I have not Ken, but someone recently put my image into Wikipedia AND stated that it was in the public domain, which it is not. I disputed the creative commons licensing and edited the page to remove my image.

    12. ToastyKen 15 months ago | reply

      Oh that's really bad of them. But yeah obviously it's your call. I love this though, and the Autumn one, too!

    13. bluesomewhere 4 months ago | reply

      Hi Tony, thank you for this fantastic photo. I wanted to let you know I used it in an Ignite presentation I did, as the photo captures well the (over-)growth of vineyards in Sonoma County. I made sure to give due credit at the end of the slideshow.


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