Billy Blanks, of Tae Bo fame

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    Being the tourist I am, I went to the Museum of Art to see the "Rocky Steps", and guess what I saw? Billy Blanks & a team of very, very nice bodies were filming a new Tae Bo video at the top of the steps. This is a picture of him climbing up the steps as an introduction to the video.

    1. bbheart 103 months ago | reply

      no way! whoooooooaaaaaaaaaaaa

    2. Mooxes [deleted] 103 months ago | reply

      dang, he's cut!

    3. bbheart 103 months ago | reply

      omg, i had to looka t it in orginal size, his face looks like plastic! ew!

    4. ~The Olis In 'Consin~ 103 months ago | reply

      wow, that guy has a body!!! :( too bad I couldn't switch with him!!! My flab for his across! :D

    5. kassss 103 months ago | reply

      very cool! he's looks sooo compact!

    6. encarna 103 months ago | reply

      omg! how cool!

    7. TriLauraTri 103 months ago | reply

      thanks, everyone, for your comments!
      yeah, he is pretty plastic looking. his teeth look almost too white. he looks good on tv, but not so much in real life. but his body is awesome. you should've seen the stomachs of the people who were doing the group workout with him --- totally cut!!

    8. Jasmic 101 months ago | reply

      I have no idea who Billy Blanks is or what the heck Tae Bo is :-)

      (The Rocky reference I got - can you believe he is making another one!?)

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    9. cosplay shooter 94 months ago | reply

      Nice catch. 297.

    10. "CAVE CANEM" 92 months ago | reply

      nice grab that aint bad for 50+

    11. TriLauraTri 91 months ago | reply

      thanks so much, jason, cosplay, & cave canem! :)
      jason, tae bo is a workout regime....and this dude does lots of videos/DVDs on workouts using the technique.

    12. trondjs 80 months ago | reply

      "Cave Canem" - isn't that the Latin inscription on a mosaic in Pompeii, meaning "Beware of the dog"? :-)
      Like Jason I have no clue who this is, but he's an impressive fella, all the same, I probably could use some of that strength and agility... ;-)
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    13. TriLauraTri 80 months ago | reply

      Thanks, Trond. :)

    14. erie,pa 78 months ago | reply

      NICELY DONE!!!
      Please Join Us and Add This image to:

      County Pennsylvania

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