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Open Toed Titicaca | by Tricia Wang 王圣捷
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Open Toed Titicaca

1 Train, NYC

30 degrees fareneheit does now warrent open toed sheer tights mini skirt on a nyc subway. Maybe if u were a private school chic with car service where you never had to prance more than 5 feet from your car to the Louis Vitton store - then this outfit might be acceptable.

Poor girl, every one was just staring at her bare legs. You see in NYC - we go from a whole winter without seeing anyone's skin - you are always covered with scarves, gloves, earmuffs - so when spring hits there are always those few individual hoochie mamas who get practically naked and anyone who looks at them goes into paraparetic skin shock! The key to avoid causing others to go into skin shock is that you've got learn how to skillfully transition from being completely covered to barely covered summer wear.

Last spring, I was wearing capris on a warm day, and as I walked by a guy he said, "I want to fuck your ankles mami."

It was funny, cuz I totally understand how he feels - in that any skin revealed in the spring is just so damn titillating, but when done in the winter still like this girl - it's just plain titicacaing.


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Uploaded on March 9, 2006