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Sells Floto Circus presents M'lle Beeson, a marvelous high wire Venus, performance poster, 1921

Sells Floto Circus. M'lle Beeson, a marvelous high wire Venus. Circus poster showing tight-rope walker Beeson prancing with a parasol, chromolithograph by The Strobridge Litho. Co., Cincinnati & New York, 1921.


From the Circus History Society message board: Bismarck Tribune (Bismarck, ND), July 18, 1929, p. 6. "Chicago.—(AP)—Dainty, skirted Herberta Beeson, hailed as "the world's greatest slack-wire dancer," is a man! The story of his rise from grocery clerk to featured performer of the "big tops" is one of the romances that give circus life its spangled glamour. At 17, when his name was Herbert, Beeson was a clerk in a general store at Summitsville, Ind., where he "helped out" three nights a week as a stage hand at the village vaudeville theatre. To this theatre came the "Marvelous Lucknows," circus people doing a small time circuit. With the act was a girl who was a slack-wire dancer. For her amusement Herbert did all of the little dancing tricks he knew She liked them, and Herbert, too. Seven months later, in Texas, the girl slipped, fell a crumpled heap beneath the wire. "Don't fire her just because she's hurt," pleaded Herbert, now with the troupe. "I know her tricks. Let me do them." And now the maid who attends the great Herberta Beeson, catching the robe tossed from the wire, is the little girl who fell from toe wire—his wife."


From the Performing Arts Poster Collection at the Library of Congress

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[PD] This picture is in the public domain.

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Taken sometime in 1921