1950s family watching tv

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    Found in Brighton.

    1. anniebee ages ago | reply

      I love the sligtly spooky undertones, I wonder what they were watching!

    2. TinTrunk ages ago | reply

      I'm guessing that people may have dimmed the lights to watch tv in the 50s (anyone around at the time, I'd love to know), making it similar to the cinema experience they would have been more familiar with.

      Plus I think this is a staged photo, possibly professional. I bought it at a carboot fair as an 8x10 print, and if anyone recognises it, again, let me know in case I'm inadvertently breaching copyright.

    3. ART NAHPRO ages ago | reply

      It does look staged. I think the shadows behind them are also too strong for a cathode ray tube emission. They were probably looking at an artificial source of light.

      People did used to dim the lights to watch TV when I was younger in the 60's. I think the quality of the black and white image improved if there was not too much reflection on the screens

      I like the way everyone is all dressed up too. No slobbing around with a pizza and a couple of cans of beer!This is great-pearl necklace too!

    4. senzor ages ago | reply

      Great shot! Please post it to the 1950s-group ..

    5. INUTSI ages ago | reply

      Looks staged like a promo for television itself. Very nice shading, great pic! If 1960's very early.

    6. Scoobymoo ages ago | reply

      My Dad, bless him, concurs with Art N. In the early days of TV curtains were drawn and lights turned off because the sets weren't that powerful and were difficult to watch in bright conditions.

    7. MsBlueSky ages ago | reply

      Hi, I'm an admin for a group called Fabulous Fifties Heaven (1950-60), and we'd love to have this added to the group!

    8. Theresa Thompson ages ago | reply

      How fun is this?!

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