Jugs Of Tea - first sighting?

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    A rather damaged postcard of Morecambe seafront that thrilled me because this might be an early (the first?) incarnation of the late lamented 'Jug of Tea' - see the little trailer on the beach that actually says 'Jugs of Tea.'

    If you're not familiar with this lost Morecambe landmark, please refer to the 'Jug of Tea - RIP' group.

    A Bamforth postcard that I'd love to share on creative commons, but it might still be under copyright, so I can't.

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    1. Adam BRI Smith 57 months ago | reply

      That's some good detective work. I actually had a jug of tea two days ago. We went to a nice cafe in my town (Great Yarmouth), asked for a pot of tea for two and when we sat down the woman bought over a jug of tea and told us she didn't sell pots of tea for two but hopefuly this would be a good subsititute. It reminded me of Morecambe.

    2. Ned Trifle 57 months ago | reply

      I had to look up that building in the background as it looked fascinating.
      (which, I learn, was picketed in the 1990s)

    3. I like 57 months ago | reply

      What a fantastic find! What great er, kiosks from little acorns grow.

    4. TinTrunk 57 months ago | reply

      I just found it in a charity shop this morning, adotjdotsmith - but I'm delighted to call that detective work!

      Ned Trifle - yes, another lost landmark, although a happy ending for Rocky the dolphin!

      Indeed, I like. I'm glad you appreciate the significance of this discovery!

      I'm guessing this is the early 70s, but if anyone has any more accurate ideas please let me know.

      Incidentally, I love the detail at the front of the deckchair attendant gossiping with a pal.

    5. photo_secessionist 57 months ago | reply

      What a wonderful find! Can you imagine the fabulous goings-on at the height of popularity here? We had similar places here in the States - attracting mostly local trade and the occasional "stranger". Like this scene, alas, they are largely gone. Thanks to norbet1 for showing me my first view of the "Jug of Tea" and this slice of Lancs. history!

    6. dusty sevens 57 months ago | reply

      and is that the back of the arena funfair thingy too or an i geting even more confused in my dotage? what a treasure

    7. TinTrunk 57 months ago | reply

      Hi photo-secessionist! It looks pretty lively in Morecambe when they took this photo for sure.

      If I'm right about the date, British seaside towns were already suffering from the competition from cheap package holidays abroad which would seal their decline. But there's growing bands of enthusiasts (including myself) who delight in visiting them, and spending a few quid while we're there. You should see my souvenir tea towel collection!

      dusty sevens - yes, you're right - this is the back view, and the Midland Hotel would be on the right. Looks like it was possibly a go-cart track then, with the fencing around it.

    8. John Leech 57 months ago | reply

      It just shows how you shouldn't throw post cards away! Wow, there are more tourists on that beach than Morecambe has had this millennium. Do you think they should open an airport on White Lund, then hopefully attract visitors from around the globe or Liverpool? How long would an easyjet take from Liverpool? They'd have to flog their butties before take off and ask you to take them with you to eat at the resort. I'm sure people would catch a bus from Preston to John Lennon to touch down at... er, what could Morecambe Airport be called? JOT Airport? It would look good on the luggage labels.

    9. Tsingtao 57 months ago | reply

      Good Lord! That is absolutely incredible. What a find!

    10. TinTrunk 57 months ago | reply

      leeechy (jkjond) - they'd have to call Morecambe airport 'Eric' wouldn't they?! I quite like the idea of that!

      Or maybe the 'Thora Hird,' since she's a Morecambian too . . .

      Cheers Tsingtao - I nearly missed it too, because the postcards were on the counter in a basket, and I hadn't noticed them until I went to pay for some other piece of tat. The poor lady behind me had to wait while I whipped through them and found this one.

    11. John Leech 57 months ago | reply

      Agreed, Eric it is. Thora Airport doesn't seem to trip off the tongue in the same way, but they could install chair lifts rather than escalators!

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