Tiny the Squirrel and friends
An orphaned squirrel that we we found on 9/30/09 and nursed until she was big enough to be on her own. Since then we have befriended lots of squirrels in the neighborhood and Tiny continues to be a regular visitor to our trees and yard.

Visit Tiny's blog here:

Despite popular misconception, squirrels are rarely rabid and carry few diseases communicable to humans. She never tried to bite and even if she had, she barely had teeth to eat an apple, much less my finger. Had we not intervened she would have died from dehydration or predator attack.

10/23/09 Tiny spent her first night up in the trees. To this point she had been sleeping in a nest that we made for her in a basket.

11/5/09 Tiny probably broke her foot. She's on bed rest for a few days.

11/10/09 She's back in action outside with her buddies.

More Tiny videos can be found here:

12/20/09 We have realized that Tiny is not a Tony, but a Tina. So if I refer to her in some photos as a 'he' you'll know why. I am too lazy to go back and edit :)

1/11/09 I have started blogging about Tiny from her point of view.
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