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    Crab stuffed mushrooms:

    2 tins of crab with leg meat
    2 tbsp whipped peppercorn cream cheese
    fresh cracked white pepper
    10 large white mushrooms
    handful of crisp baked rosemary crackers, crushed

    Drain and dry the crab, then mix gently in a bowl with the cream cheese and pepper and crushed crackers. Remove the stems of the mushrooms (keep the stems!), leaving a cavity in the mushroom. Fill with tasty crab goodness, pressing it in to ensure it fills the space, and then top them off. There will be some left over, but we have a use for it.

    Place in a 8x12 pan brushed with olive oil. I added some garlic cloves to the pan as well. Bake at 375 for 18 minutes or so, until juices start coming out of the mushrooms.

    Sauce for crab stuffed mushrooms:
    250 ml whipping cream
    2 tbsp butter
    pinch of fleur de sel
    chopped mushroom stems
    1 tsp white truffle oil

    Melt 2 tbsp butter in a pan and add the chopped mushroom stems and fleur de sel. Once the butter has started to vanish, add the cream and bring to simmer. I'm a big fan of my flat whisk for sauces like this to keep it moving. Reduce, add port. Repeat a few times ;) Once you're ready to serve the mushrooms, reduce the heat to about medium low and whisk in the truffle oil.

    Spoon that happy goodness over the mushrooms. I decided to do this part while the mushrooms were still in the pan since it's a bit messy, then used tongs to plate them.

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