The trip took place in the months of May and June in 1999. The Rignys Bjerg area of Greenland contains thousands of mountains and huge glacier systems, most of these areas have yet to be explored. The area we visited is close to the vast ice cap which covers the interior of Greenland, but is far enough from the coast to make it nearly impossible to walk in via the heavily cravassed glaciers which reach from the ice cap to the coast. We were flown in on to a glacier by ski plane, from then on we had to be self sufficient for nearly four weeks. During this time we travelled mostly by ski around the area making first ascents of some of the mountains pictured.

I took over a thousand shots whilst out there, some of which are commerically available at a few outlets, the others are in my slide collection, the shots are on both 35mm and 120 format Velvia slide media. These few are by no means the best or my favorites, just the ones that show a good range of experiences from the expedition.

More information on the expedition can be found here.
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