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My DIY Ring Flash | by MapHobbit
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My DIY Ring Flash

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Yeah, it's crude but it works!

Items that I used...they were at hand but you can obviously use better things:


-"Take Along Food Bowl" in translucent plastic.

-Lots of foil.

-Scissors and dremel tool set. (Dremel helped a lot!)


-Wax Paper.

-Bubble mailer. (This one was yellow.)

-7-11 Big Gulp cup. (It was a stiff enough plastic that I can actually cut easily.)

-Your own external flash. (I used my Canon 580 EX II)



(Some instructions down below.)

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UPDATE: I've since replaced the flimsy bubble mailer part with the cardboard part of a large box that carries soda (pop) cans. Using the cardboard helped in reducing the light loss from where the flash was inserted to. Plus, it was stiff enough without being to bendable. Also I have since lined the white part (inside) of the Big Gulp cup with black construction paper which help reduced some flare back into the lens.


Another Update: After all this time, I realized I didn't put up any instructions. The pictures are semi self explanatory, but I can fill in some details.



---->Some Instructions:

-Make a hole in both the bowl and cover. I used scissors or use whatever tool is easiest for you. The plastic was soft enough that it was cut.

-I cut the Gulp cup at both ends.

-I lined the outside of the cup and bowl with aluminum foil.

-I lined the inside of the bowl cover with wax paper.

-Cut square hole on the outside side of the bowl. Before doing this, I eyeballed it on how close or far it was from my camera, lens, and flash.

-See the "UPDATE" part above for further cardboard instructions for the part that attaches to your flash head. Cut to bend towards your flash head. Line with foil, of course.



Any more questions, feel free to ask below in the comments.

Thanks, and enjoy.



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Taken on August 9, 2009