President Obama's girls

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    Young fans of Barack Obama on U Street in Washington, DC. This is the only time I've seen everyone in Washington DC come together as one. Hopefully we'll keep up that momentum.

    Corner of U Street and 14th Street NW [?]

    1. Yahoo News Editorial 66 months ago | reply

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      Obama makes history; turns to sobering challenges

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    2. juliet 4 ever 66 months ago | reply

      i already know Obama as a Greate person right 4rm the concept am not supprise about his victory i wish USA a wonderfull celebration May the almgt GOD greate obama the Grace to carry the country to the highest limit in JESUS NAME AMEN AMEN AMEN CHEERS................................................................. TO USA 4RM ur fans JULIET 4 EVER

    3. TJFlicks 66 months ago | reply

      Great Image!

    4. gbengalas 66 months ago | reply

      Im gbenga akinbulu from nigeria. I know from the beginingthat barack obama is going to win the election, this is the time to prove amarican wrong that black man can do better, no body can qestion the power of democracy, the long awaiting time has come, is obama for president, this is a big challenge for americans. I wonder how the receptions is gona be like in white house now, this is a big event in chicago, washinton. I know he will change the negative thinking of some amaricans. Obama has done it, is the man for the world nt only for americans, the rock of america, is the man that will bring peace to the world.

    5. Travlr 66 months ago | reply

      So just as the Americans have come together, I hope the Nigerians can do the same. It starts with moments like this!

    6. shebun20039 66 months ago | reply

      Dear barack

      hello this is sheila bunch i have a disability and i just want to say thank you to you and that you have done a great job and please lower my elcectricty bill becasue it is too low and i need help in paying my bill because i am disadvantage

    7. honest2009 66 months ago | reply

      Let me be honest for a moment.....

      I believe that Barrack Hussain Obama is the ANTI-CHRIST. All things seem to be falling into place don't you think??? funny, a man of muslim decent, in his mid 40's, quick to rise to power, everyone LOVES him- not only in America but throughout the entire world..... HhhhHhhmmmm.... it....educate yourself....and prepare yourself for what will happen now. And then maybe you will feel bad you put him in office as the President of the United States of America.....

      It also states that he will have the power to deceive and that is exactly what he has done. He has convienced all of you-all this nonsense about time for a change...HELLO!! What do you think he is talking about....Obama is a socialist and truly I am in fear of what the United States of America is going to become because of him.

      And now....what is coming?? Glad you asked. All I have to say is you had better prepare your hearts, your family, your homes...because we have just entered the end of days...the "world" and our "USA" as we know it, will never be the same and not for the better of Mr. Obama!!

    8. Travlr 66 months ago | reply

      Sorry, it's time to put differences aside and move forward together. Please.

    9. malaka_norman24 66 months ago | reply

      I have read the book of revalation and it does speak of the anti-christ but I seriously disagree that he is the anti christ. the bible does state that the anti christ will come from the the european side. In 1st John it states also that the anti christ denieth that Jesus is the Christ and denies the father and the son. MIghty funny how he gave honor to GOD in his acceptance speach!!!!!

    10. jasohill 66 months ago | reply

      Obama rocks! Great mood in this photo...:D

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