Otago Peninsula Dunedin - Nature Wonders - New Zealand 2014 - Nieuw Zeeland 2014
Flanking the southern edge of Dunedin's extensive harbour, Otago Peninsula is high and rugged on the ocean side; warm and sheltered on the harbour side. Volcanic in origin, the peninsula is part of the crater wall of a large, long-extinct volcano.

As a scenic drive, Otago Peninsula is spectacular. Beginning at Vauxhall, you can follow the coastal road past small settlements and beaches to Taiaroa Head, where there's an albatross colony. Other attractions near Taiaroa Head include the fur seals at Pilots Beach and sea lions on Te Rauone Beach.
The southern side of Otago Peninsula is high and rugged. Walking tracks lead to cliff lookouts, beaches, penguin nesting areas and seal colonies.

We took Highcliff Road, which winds along the ridge of the peninsula
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