Milford Road - New Zealand 2014 - Nieuw Zeeland 2014
In Te Anau the road swings to the right and becomes Milford Road, once outside the town limits the road changes name to Te Anau Milford Highway. The road then hugs the shoreline of Lake Te Anau for about 29 km until it reaches Te Anau Downs. From Te Anau Downs, the road veers right and enters the Eglinton Valley. The road then runs parallel to the right side of the Eglinton River for 33 km while it passes through Knobs Flat. At Cascade Creek, the road emerges onto the shorelines of Lake Gunn and Lake Fergus. The road then passes through a saddle and emerges at the upper section of the Hollyford Valley.
State Highway 94 as it travels through the Hollyford Valley.

After Hollyford, the road veers to the west and rises steadily along the valley to its highest point at the Homer Tunnel. At 1270 metres long it is the second-longest road tunnel in New Zealand (after the Lyttelton road tunnel). The road then emerges at the head of the Cleddau Valley and the road spends its last 16 kilometres descending along the valley to Milford Sound.

The Homer Tunnel is a 1.2 km (0.75 miles) long road tunnel opened in 1954. New Zealand State Highway 94 passes through the tunnel, linking Milford Sound to Te Anau by piercing the Darran Mountain range at the Homer Saddle. It connects between the valley of the Hollyford River to the east and that of the Cleddau to the west.

The tunnel is straight and was originally single-lane and gravel-surfaced. The tunnel walls remain unlined granite. The tunnel runs 1270 m at approximately a 1:10 gradient down to the western portal. Until it was sealed and enlarged it was the longest gravel-surfaced tunnel in the world
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