Alexandros Motor Yacht
Sail through the azure Aegean waters, witness the volcanic landscape blending with the Mediterranean scenery of endless blue, explore the miraculous Caldera and visit the nearby islands while luxuriating under the warm Aegean sun or the elegant interiors of Alexandros private motor yacht.

Unsurpassed in design, luxury and performance, Alexandros motor yacht in Santorini is of an overall length of 69 ft., running with two 1200 hp man engines at a maximum speed of 32 knots. It is the perfect choice for luxury yachting excursions and explorations, private tours and island hopping.

Experience a level of unrivalled luxury on the elegantly designed interiors, with the stylish saloon, the fully equipped bar and the spacious dining area. For your more intimate, private moments, the lower deck features 4 luxurious cabins, the master bedroom and VIP bedroom, fitted with king size beds and luxurious en-suite facilities.

Crewed with an experienced captain, a stewardess-chef and a sailor offered to cater to every need and desire, Alexandros motor yacht Greece consists of a lower and an upper level deck, both fitted with high-end amenities, so as to ensure a thrilling yachting adventure in Santorini Island.
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