Ryan and Zoe, Canada – Vacation: Greek Wonders
Hello Marina,

I'm a little overdue in my official thank you. For the second time in as many years, Travelive and You have done an exceptional job with our Holiday in Greece. THANK YOU! Zoë and I have completely fallen in love with not only Greece as a beautiful vista, but with the Greek people as well (not to mention the food).

At the top of our list is Crete, and The Blue Palace. It feels like a second home, and we plan to spend many Mays or Septembers basking in its glory.

As you had heard, Claire, massively upgraded us to an Island Luxury suite, and luxury it was. I'm finding it hard to put to words our complete satisfaction with The Blue Palace. The best I can do is return yet again.

Athens Gate was great as well. I would recommend suite 701 to everybody. The wrap around deck is superb. The restaurant on top was excellent in both view and cuisine. The Staff top notch. John, the doorman from Montreal, was a treat. The young waiter at breakfast was very good. Not only for the friendly service, but the first aid I received after I smashed my finger in the door, and bled all over the restaurant!

I think it will be our Athens home base in the future.

We've discussed the Sheraton, but I have to say Rhodes was very cool. Next time I think we'll stay in Lindos, or right in the old town.

Lastly, I'd like to mention Thassos, our transfer driver in Athens. He is remarkable at what he does. We asked if it were possible for him to be "Our" driver for all the Athens trips and he was able to oblige. He is I very knowledgeable and kind man.

Thank you for making lifelong memories.

See you in 2015!

Kali Nichta,

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