Amanda and Brian's Romantic Getaway in Florence and Rome

Our trip was amazing! Thank you for all your help in planning and preparing us for the trip. All the transportation arrangements helped tremendously and perfectly arranged. We absolutely loved our stay in Florence. We had a fantastic view of the Duomo from our hotel! Such an amazing city with so much culture, history and character. It definitely helped to have our first tour the first morning of our stay in Florence. We were able to get some great advice on things to see, places to eat and of course the best gelato places! Our favorite gelato place was Perche No! - they use all natural ingredients and it was fantastic! Our favorite lunch place became Il Frattalini (a small sandwich shop, right around the corner from Perche No!). Both were extremely close to Duomo. We would highly recommend climbing the stairs in the Duomo! It was a fantastic view of Florence and such an interesting hike up the tight staircases to get to the top. We were able to see everything we wanted to in Florence in the 3 days spent there, however I could see myself staying longer in the future to explore the city more beyond the tourist attractions.

Our stay in Rome was another fantastic experience! There is so much history in that city! Our hotel was beautiful. Our tour guide, Phillipe, through the Vatican, Sistene Chapel and St. Peter's Basilica was fantastic! He was so knowledgeable, friendly and funny. Rome is definitely a bigger city, which made it a lot different than navigating through Florence. I felt we got used to the city of Florence after 3 days where in Rome after 4 days we still need to always be referring to the map. We walked all over in Rome to absorb as much culture and experience from a pedestrian's point of view rather then from inside a vehicle (very tiring, but well worth it!). Rome by night was a neat experience, definitely was fun to meet people. Our tour guide on the Rome by night was also another great guide! It was a nice end to our trip to some up everything we had seen and experienced during the day earlier in the week.

I've attached a few photos from our trip for you. Thank you again for helping to give us such a fantastic and unforgettable experience.

Amanda and Brian
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