Jay & Lisa - Aegean Elegance Vacation

I want to thank you for going . . . . above and beyond! I did not have to think that much because you did all the careful planning. From scheduling the driver pick-up, to the private tour guide.(She was an amazing tour guide too) In fact, we were bumped up from all the other tour groups and had easier access compared to the other people visiting the archeological sites in Athens!

This trip made us feel like someone was wiping our mouths for us. We felt so pampered and cared for in Athens and Santorini. And by the way, we were bumped up from Andronis Alta Mare to the Exclusive Boutique. As soon as we arrived, the staff welcomed us and gave us desert along with a bottle of white wine. They treated us with respect. Even when you showed me the itinerary, I looked at the reviews of the hotels you set us up in - - - - and all those reviews were stellar. In fact Adronis Luxury Hotel ranks the top of the list in Trip Advisor as the best place to stay in Santorini.

Again, we did not have to wait in line for anything. It seems that people gave us top priority and treated us with respect throughout the whole trip.

In the beginning, I was skeptical from booking online - - - however - - - Faye - - - - you added the human touch and an eye for details. Now all our friends and family are asking about this "Travelive"

Thanks for making a memorable trip and honeymoon!

PS. The only negative is that I lost my camera in Heathrow Airport London (I pretty sure it is theft) It had over 1200 honeymoon pictures on it) Luckily, I did upload most of those pictures on the laptop!
Kind regards,
Jay Shrivastava
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