Belvedere Suites - Santorini
An outstanding renovation changed entirely the indoor and outdoor premises of Belvedere hotel in Santorini.
Exquisite honeymooners, romantic couples and friends from this year on will find in Belvedere the absolute place to stay in the magnificent scenery of Santorini. Offering one of the best views to the superb Caldera, the calm waters of Aegean Sea, and the infinite Greek blue sky, Belvedere hotel is now the new hottest destination in Santorini.
Belvedere is located in Fira, the beautiful and vibrant capital of Santorini. Suites build with respect to the Aegean architecture including the latest and the finest amenities, promising you to pass the more relaxing and calmness vacations during your visit to the unique one travelers’ destination; Santorini Island.

Take your first taste of the new Belvedere Hotel.
Imagine the world’s most famous sunset in your fingertips, small and big boats slipping in the calm waters of Aegean, the powerful Caldera at every glimpse that you take in the horizon. We managed to gather the magic of Santorini in the totally refurbished Belvedere, a hotel that gives new dimension in the cosmopolitan accommodation in Santorini.
Belvedere Suites offers the unique chance to take the power of the true Santorinian landscape with you with the view from the balconies and the premises of Belvedere Hotel. White is the dominant color in our suites....and creates a harmonic environment, an elegant surrounding and the ideal place for relaxation and recreation.
Belvedere Hotel is located in Fira, the center of Santorini, hardly 7 km from the calm beach of Monolithos, 12 km from the organised beach of Kamari and 14 km from cosmopolitan Red Beach.
Wonder in our new site and discover the delightful world of Belvedere.
Make it your choice for holidays, for your honeymoon and believe that your dreams of Santorini is already true.
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