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    10 April 2006:
    This sign is no longer hanging in the library. It has been removed and no one in the department would admit to posting the sign in the first place.

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    1. Michael Casey 108 months ago | reply

      I don't want to offend anyone but it looks like a nine year old made that sign -- a nine year old who does not like teens.

    2. mstephens7 108 months ago | reply

      I might not want to ask these librarians for any help -- although they tell me TWICE that I can!

    3. Mary Carmen6676 108 months ago | reply

      Bonus points for use of two color markers and stars. Seriously, if you are going to be nasty and unapproachable, you could at least type and print it out.

    4. freerangelibrarian 108 months ago | reply

      I like the stenciling. Has that "stalag" zeitgeist that so pulls in teens and ensures they grow up to fund library services.

    5. Multitype Librarian 108 months ago | reply

      Looks like a good place for graffiti.

    6. jessamyn 108 months ago | reply

      Is it just me or does "visiting" really imply that you're a guest in someone else's space?

    7. ginnia 108 months ago | reply

      It reads like the teens should ask the librarians if they need help getting rid of their cell phones! It's funny and sad all at once.

    8. mstephens7 108 months ago | reply

      Very sad. If this was my library, I'd be horrified!

    9. mamabrarian 108 months ago | reply

      If this was my library, this sign would be ripped into bits.

    10. kiltedlibrarian 108 months ago | reply

      I was a Sub in a building where the staff had this sort of attitude toward teens. It was horrible experience, eventually the Manager moved on and things improved somewhat.

    11. stivak 108 months ago | reply

      "Feed the librarians, so they don't eat the kids!"
      I think that's a Patrick Jones quote. Anyway, here's the thing- the person who made that sign probably thought it was helpful. Argh.

    12. Phil Bradley 108 months ago | reply

      It could be worse. It could say 'While your visiting...' Though not that much worse, I'll agree.

    13. Jeffrey Trzeciak 108 months ago | reply

      As if the UPPERCASE and exclamation point wasn't enough they had to add TWO underlines to NO CELL PHONES!

    14. ConnieC 108 months ago | reply

      I was once a teen who spent hours and hours reading in the library. One day when I was 15 a friend told me I should apply for a page job with her at that library. So I did. At the interview I was asked why I wanted the job. I was uncharacteristically brash and said "I spend all my time here anyway, so I may as well get paid for it."

      The hiring librarian had a sense of humour and hired me on the spot. Thus a librarian was born....

      We have to make these spaces welcoming, don't we? We're all in it together. And those "teens" could one day be in control of funding and salaries for that library for all they know!

    15. countylibrarydotorg 107 months ago | reply

      more like -2.0

      the public's living room should never have sign anything like this

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