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北帝銅像 Pak Tai

A pair of door Maintain in process Shopping inside the temple 鬼差(牛頭馬面) Two fearsome guardians of the Underworld in Chinese Maintain in process Main entrance of the Temple 玉虛宮 Windows display The roof of Pak Tai Temple 石水渠里 Stone Nullah Lane Pak Tai Temple 光緒三十三年 牌匾 Gilt wood plaque 北帝銅像 Pak Tai 日神 Sun of God 月神 Moon of God

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Peppino Diana says:

bellissimo set complimenti
Posted 98 months ago. ( permalink )

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H. K.. says:

Chapeau ...

... eine herrliche Kollektion !
Seen in your 灣仔北帝廟 set. (?)
Posted 97 months ago. ( permalink )

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travelhaha says:

Posted 83 months ago. ( permalink )

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