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    At the end of this hallway is a doorway to a brothel. In order to curb human trafficking, the kingdom of Cambodia passed a law that makes prostitution illegal. But then commercial sex workers are being targeted and feel that their rights are being violated under this new law. Many organizations who work with this population are worried that this might make prostitution go underground and will make it harder for these women to get free reproductive health services. Cambodia has seen a decrease of AIDS/HIV infections the past few years and many fear that this might come to a halt if sex/entertainment workers were to go underground. To read more about this, go here.

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    1. *Peanut (Lauren) 81 months ago | reply

      Amazing shot...it really conveys the darkness of life there and yet there is still some light. Powerful.

    2. taraviolet. 81 months ago | reply

      deeply emotional.
      dark though beautiful.
      you are an incredible person and photographer.

    3. jobarracuda 81 months ago | reply

      awesome work samantha!!

    4. Ed_X 81 months ago | reply

      The eternal dilemma of prostitution. I feel Actions like this are seldom in favor of women. Better to regulate and protect. The picture is simply beautiful

    5. Kirsty Mitchell 81 months ago | reply

      sam this is wonderful but so sad too. I really admire your work and subjects, you are educating us as well as producing beautiful photos. Thank you.

    6. It was the light, it was the angle 81 months ago | reply

      great looking black and white shot. i like the lighting

    7. tgagephoto 81 months ago | reply

      i am with jeff on this one, great B+W and lighting.

    8. mudpig 81 months ago | reply

      wonderful work sam - this is a beautiful exercise in light and dof... perfect!

    9. DARREN ST0NE 81 months ago | reply

      Wow. Great image. So sad that people have to suffer so much. This has amazing mood to it.. The lighting reminds me of Philip Jones Griffith's work in Vietnam.

    10. jeanmarcrocfort 81 months ago | reply

      Cette image illustre admirablement la situation et tes propos !!
      Magnifique puissance !!

    11. Just a Peek ~ ebt photography 81 months ago | reply

      Beauitful capture - keep up the good you are doing

    12. racingsquirrel 81 months ago | reply

      The bits of the rimlight on the person and the bright backlight provide a point of contrast to the posture and the housework being undertaken. The reflective light off the walls draws some attention to the deep dive into the conditions. As for the laws, legalization of certain activities has been shown to work in many places, such as NL In the US, it creates all sorts of up and downstream problems in terms of our relationship with our southern neighbours, organized crime and street violence.

    13. chiappaintta (www.chiapaintpics.com) 81 months ago | reply

      thanks for enlightening us as usual,sam. It's insane the amount of info in our world we overlook. This is trajic. I hate to see that women have to resort to such choices. Not only are they refused their dignity they're refused the opportunity to stay safe.

      I'd love to see you, I'm also booked this weekend and I begin school on the 2nd.

    14. Saul Panzer (mostly in reality these days) 81 months ago | reply

      This is outstanding - you really are an amazing photographer Dear Sam

    15. *mao 81 months ago | reply

      A moving photo and story Sam. The world is a complicated place.

    16. Jean-Sien Kin 80 months ago | reply

      Yes, I am afraid khmer government often takes quick, strong, and generally unappropriate decisions. I believe there are no easy responses to difficult problems. They also prevented khmer ladies to marry any foreigner, because of human traffic to Taiwan. Which is one more time not very clever, why not paying decently their police to afford to dismantle criminal networks instead?

    17. Shahriar Erfanian 80 months ago | reply

      wow amazing shot!

    18. Mal the Dsturbd Citizn [deleted] 61 months ago | reply

      Hi, I'm an admin for a group called Mal's Best of the Best, and we'd love to have this added to the group!

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