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Dusty LBN 782 Widefield from Grand Mesa Observatory BBC Sky at Night December 2019 | by TransientAstronomer
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Dusty LBN 782 Widefield from Grand Mesa Observatory BBC Sky at Night December 2019

LBN (Lynds Catalog of Bright Nebulae) 782, a bright reflection nebula located in a very dusty region of the constellation Taurus glows blue in the center right of this image taken at Grand Mesa Observatory over multiple nights in early November 2019.


Part of LBN 782 is categorized as bright nebula because within its structure there is an area of luminous nebulosity reflecting light from bright stars nearby. Additionally, there are Barnard objects in this wide field of view. These are dark nebula, such as Barnard 7, which is the dark nebula around the bright blue LBN 782. Another interesting object is the very distant IC 359, the white spiral structure just left of center, which is a distant spiral galaxy some 183 million light years away from Earth. For reference, the blue star in the middle of this image, 41 Tauri, is estimated to be around 420 light years away, which is about the same distance as LBN 782, estimated to be about 400 light years distant.


LBN Catalog:


LDN Catalog:


Barnard Catalog:




IC 359 (original text is in German):



Technical info:


Grand Mesa Observatory, Whitewater (Purdy Mesa), Colo., U.S.A.


November 2019


38.963365, -108.237225


RGGB: 300sec x 64 with calibration frames

Camera: QHY128C


Optics: Takahashi E180

Mount: Paramount ME


Image Acquisition software: Maxim DL6

Pre-processed in PixInsight

Post-processed in PixInsight, Photoshop, Starnet


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Uploaded on November 25, 2019