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Rho Ophiuchi and the Blue Horsehead | by TransientAstronomer
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Rho Ophiuchi and the Blue Horsehead

This image is a collaboration between Terry Hancock and myself (Tom Masterson). I supplied the wide-field image with an 85mm Zeiss Otus and Canon 6D Mod while Terry contributed close up images using a 135mm Rokinon lens with a QHY163M camera and Takahashi FSQ-130 with a QHY367C camera.


The Rho Ophiuchi Cloud Complex (bottom center) and the Blue Horsehead (top center) are some of the most notable and brightest areas of reflection nebulosity found in the constellation Ophiuchus. This area of the night sky is full of multicolored objects, mostly reflection nebula, meaning that unlike emission nebula where the gas is ionized and emits light most of the light you see is being emitted by local bright stars and then reflected off of clouds of gas and dust. For more info on these objects check out the links below.


Rho Ophiuchi Cloud Complex:


Blue Horsehead Nebula:


Reflection Nebula:


Emission Nebula:


Technical Info:


Tom Masterson's Image:


10x240" Light at 1600ISO

20x Flats

20x Bias

10x Darks


Camera: Canon 6D Hutech UV/IR Mod

Lens: Zeiss 85mm Otus f1.4 @ f4

Mount: Celestron Advanced VX

Guide Scope: Orion Mag Mini With SSAG


Capture Software: Backyard EOS

Processing: Photoshop CC, Straton, Registar


Date: 7/22-23/2017

Location: Los Padres National Forest, CA


Terry Hancock's Images:


Takahashi FSQ-130 images:


Rokinon 135mm Lens Images:


10x60sec LRGB Gain 17, Offset 77

Camera: QHY163M Mono CMOS

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Uploaded on August 17, 2017