• Apple Cinema Display 30"
    Showing Aperture 1.5.4 and this photo
  • MacBook Pro with this photo set as the background.
  • Toshiba Tecra M2
    Running Windows XP Pro
    Used primarily for Quicken (via RDP)
  • Epson Stylus CX5400 printer, copier and scanner.
  • MacPro
  • APC Back-UPS XS 1300 UPS
  • Western Digital MyBook 500GB Dual Interface (USB 2.0 / FW 400)
  • Klipsch THX speaker
    Logitech Premium USB Headset 350
    Logitech MX Laser Dock
    Belkin USB 2.0 hub
  • Two Western Digital MyBook 1TB Tripple Interface (USB 2.0 / FW 400 / FW 800) disk drive enclosures
    One WD MyBook 500GB which rotates with another at an off-site vault for backups
  • Logitech MX Laser 1000 Wireless Mouse
  • Apple Wireless Keyboard
    Foam wristpad
  • Jabra BT620s stereo Bluetooth headset
    Jabra BT800 Bluetooth headset
  • Lexar Media USB 2.0 Multi-Card Reader
  • Uniden ELBT 595 cordless phone base station.
    It connects to our two cell phones over Bluetooth and makes them accessible throughout the rest of the handsets in the house due to very poor T-Mobile signal in the house.
  • A box of "Scribble" note paper used primarily to hold our two cell phones near the window and next to the Uniden ELBT 595 system (to left) while they're plugged into the MacPro over USB to charge.

    They connect to the ELBT 595 over Bluetooth which is a workaround for poor T-Mobile coverage
  • ViewSonice 22" LCD connected to an HP Pavilion a340n running XP Home. This is Marjon's computer, but I use it for all of my mapping and GPS software to plan backpacking trips.
  • Apple iSight Camera (FIreWire)
  • Belkin cable management enclosure. I have two of these in each corner under the monitors. It keeps the cables from getting tangled in my feet!
  • Beautiful heavy glass vases bought on eBay for $1 each!
    (Marjon's excellent find)
  • Leather ottoman from IKEA
  • Teak cabinets from Sun Cabinet in Thailand. Fantastic, solid home office furniture. I've had some of these pieces for over 10 years.
  • Shredder from TechSolutions.
    Cheap and crappy but functional.
  • "His and Hers" shredders!
  • Logitech Communicate STX Webcam
    Marjon uses it to talk to family in The Netherlands over Skype
  • HP PC Keyboard
    Foam wristpad
  • Logitech MouseMan USB
  • Klipsch THX speakers
    There are four in the room
    Though the Mac only puts out stereo
  • Down this wall behind the desk is a D-Link gigabit Ethernet switch that connects over Cat-5e to another GigE switch in the basement and also the router.

    The house is wired for GigE in every room, but also has 802.11g
  • Behind here is an Apple Airport 802.11g, one of three on my network configured for WDS
  • My neighbor has one of my Apple Airport Express 802.11g stations configured as a WDS remote, thus extending the signal rather well around our homes.

    (he's also got his own service)
  • Plastic covers for the carpet from Costco. Our chairs (not pictured) have wheels, which don't work well on carpet.
  • Reflected light :)

My Home Office III

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This is my home office. I work from here daily, except when I'm traveling.

We moved here in May (2007) and it's taken me a while to get things put together and cleaned up.

Quite a step up from my previous office which was considerably smaller and more cramped.

Not pictured here is the Optra S PS laser printer, Canon IP4300 photo printer, a couple of Gigabit Ethernet switches and an Apple Airport 802.11g, one of several I've deployed in this house and my neighbor's in a WDS roaming configuration.

See also my home studio.

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  1. cowardanonymous 76 months ago | reply

    what colour of paint is this?

  2. msmerjean 76 months ago | reply

    very organize and nicely done.

  3. Nico· [deleted] 70 months ago | reply

    I love it.

  4. Deptacon 69 months ago | reply

    Nice, Very Nice. Can I ask where you got your desk/desk pieces and furniture pieces from in the office area?

  5. TranceMist 69 months ago | reply

    @Deptacon - The teak furniture is from Sun Cabinet made in Thailand. They were purchased from multiple "Scandinavian Deisgn" type stores. Check out the notes in the pictures for more details.

  6. NothingButFormals 69 months ago | reply

    Hi, I'm an admin for a group called Nothing But Memorable Decor, and we'd love to have this added to the group!

  7. johnsonalan81 67 months ago | reply

    I like the furniture. I have beenlooking at some myself here: www.officefurnitureonlineuk.co.uk/index.htm

  8. *I'veBeenFramed* 67 months ago | reply

    It just keeps getting better!

  9. bejerry 66 months ago | reply

    hi, TranceMist
    we really adore your place, if you don't mind, we appreciate you can share on our website (it's all for free) www.decomyplace.com we trying to share everyone's living idea, and help more people to improve their living space. we appreciate any support from you. and sorry if we made any uncomfortableness to you, have a good day.

  10. TranceMist 66 months ago | reply

    bejerry - thanks. The image is licensed via Creative Commons.

  11. bejerry 66 months ago | reply

    thanks for your reply, TranceMist. we got it.

  12. Mariam S 61 months ago | reply

    Hi, I'm an admin for a group called Step Into My Office, and we'd love to have this added to the group!

  13. Central Park India 49 months ago | reply

    Nice set-up - quite practical yet soothing to the eye. Check out our Home designs - www.flickr.com/photos/60667051@N02/5531733570/

  14. BlaineSr. [deleted] 47 months ago | reply

    Cool office, hey keep the Mac Pro up to date. Lion is out next month and then iOS 5 this fall.

  15. tatilstil 34 months ago | reply

    I want same place


  16. thinkwrite 26 months ago | reply

    Let Amber Freda help you create your personal space with furniture selection and space planning!
    www.amberfreda.com/index2.php#/multi-text_2/1 /

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