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We stumble through and around the bogs near Lake Belcher

Another view back towards the distant Lake Belcher Hut showing some of the terrain. A channel of mud can be seen, which is actually the 'official path' Many detours around 'hot spots' have been made making it rather a maze at times and you need to concentrate on the track. Not far from here things did get a bit confused with many false trails and special care was needed. Tyenna and Florentine Peaks are off to the left of this photo and cannot be seen. Presumably access to these peaks would come via the ridgeline from K Col.

Although Mount Field is a very prosperous National Park this track seems to have been somewhat forgotten with virtually no work done to the track. There was a very short bit of duckboarding nearer to the start of the walk but little else. I suppose Lake Belcher is somewhat a dead end where the gully ends, surrounded by steep mountainsides so has been forgotten on the Parks spend list. But this does make it very natural, but you do need to be pretty keen to do this beautiful, varied walk.

Photo By Steve Bromley

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Uploaded on January 5, 2012