Brunnen-Morschach-Axenstein Bahn (BMAB)
This was 2 km long rack and pinion railway that ran from a terminus in Brunnen (437m), on the shores of the Vierwaldstattersee in central Switzerland, to the village of Morschach and then on to a terminus below the Park-Hotel and Palace-Axenstein Hotel at Axenstein (705m).

The line was metre gauge with a Strub rack rail; it opened in 1905 and was electrified from the start at 750v 3-phase. This necessitated two separate overhead wires to carry the current and thus the locos were fitted with twin trolley poles. These poles had to be turned manually at each terminus.

SLM supplied three 4-wheel electric locomotives with rack drive. These were normally permanently coupled to a Rowan passenger carriage which had a bogie at the outer end with the inner end resting on the locomotive.

I had no idea this line even existed until I was taken there by a Swiss friend in September 1968. The weather was poor so my photos are not the best but if I had known that the line was going to close six months later (on 29/03/1969) I would have taken a lot more!

Regrettably all of the stock was scrapped in 1969 and the track lifted. However, most of the trackbed still exists with much of it having been converted to a footpath. I walked most of it in 2002 and 2003 and have included the photos from those visits.
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