Portugal - Douro Narrow Gauge
The River Douro runs eastwards from Porto and provides one of the few direct links with Spain. North of the Douro valley the terrain is mountainous and four metre gauge lines were built to link the isolated communities with the broad gauge line in the valley. From west to east they were:

Tamega line- Livração to Arco de Baulhe (51km)

Corgo line – Regua to Chaves (98km)

Tua line – Tua to Bragança (134km)

Sabor line – Pocinho to Miranda (106km)

In 1967 we managed to briefly visit the Corgo line at Regua and the upper part of the Tua line near Romeu. Sadly, all these lines are now closed apart from a short section of the Tua line around Mirandela which has a suburban diesel railcar service.
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