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Stonefly | by Trail Image
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“What are all those things?” Brenna asks with disgust, referring to inch-long bug husks dotting the river rocks.


“Nymphs,” I answer. “They’re from bugs that are babies in the water then shed their skin when they grow up.”


I know some about them because we have them in our backyard pond. To be more exact, “the insects remain in the nymphal form for one to four years, depending on species, and undergo from 12 to 36 molts before emerging and becoming terrestrial as adults” after which they “generally only survive for a few weeks.”¹


“They crawl out of their skin?” Brenna asks to confirm, even more disgusted.


“Well, yeah.”


“I don’t like them,” she concludes.


¹ Wikipedia, “Plecoptera”:

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Taken on September 8, 2018