Agony of defeat

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    My brothers have both taken time out of busy schedules and driven eight hours to be here. It feels terrible but seems the lesser of evils to point Nick back to Boise if the Husky will run well enough back on the roads where it seemed fine earlier today.

    Being able to keep the Husky’s throttle open seems helpful. Nick and I make it quickly back to the Y-Stop just as the proprietor is closing up. We guzzle cold drinks from the store’s cooler as I try to get a call through to Jessica.

    “I think you’ll have service if you stand out by that lilac bush,” the lady says. “A guy up the road comes down on his ATV and parks right there to make calls.”

    The connection is weak and Jessica is in the car driving somewhere. I try to be concise. “Nick has to ride back,” I explain. “You remember where the Y-Stop is? Check the drive time on a map. If he isn’t back by then, start driving this way.” It seems a lot to suddenly dump on her.

    “You should have phone service by the time you get to the pavement, the highway,” I tell Nick after hanging up with Jessica. “You’ll be able to call if you can’t ride into town for some reason.” He’s never been up here before so I remind him what the couple of turns look like. It all seems very sub-optimal.

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