Riley - Euthanized

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From the "Shelter Dogs" series

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  1. Agape FCR 107 months ago | reply

    Riley - I am so glad you left this amazing photo of your great spirit behind so that we will all remember you. You are to be immortalized in a book coming soon. Again, I am thankful for that. Due to stupid human carelessness, your spirit is now free to help a whole lot of other dogs as they wait in shelters around the country and the world. Your work on earth must have been finished, hard for us who love dogs to understand, but you can now help so many others. Thank you for your amazing life; as short as it was, it touched many and will touch even more in your passing.

  2. The What Cheer? Brigade 103 months ago | reply

    more people can now see the them folks, they CAN!

    Buy one for yourself,t hen for a friend!

  3. BECKA LEE 103 months ago | reply

    christ look at his face, it's not fair to get delt such a bad card. people really piss me the fuck off.

  4. unluckyinlove13666 90 months ago | reply

    This is heartbreaking...this is why spaying and neutering is very important. There aren't enough homes for them all. Riley lost his life because of an irresponsible pet owner. R.I.P. Riley ♥

  5. squatchman 90 months ago | reply

    As heartbreaking as this photo is, I'm glad you posted it - Riley needs to be seen and his tragic end known by all - but especially by those PRICKS who forgo the shelters and instead spend thousands on their trophy purebreds as a lame-ass way of impressing people and compensating for something they obviously lack!
    I Thank you for this series from the bottom of my heart!

  6. Jenny and Holly 90 months ago | reply

    I can't stand it! I just can't. People suck. While I'm glad you posted it... and its a beautiful photograph.. I wish I hadn't seen it. :-( I can't currently have any additional animals or I'll go broke. I have 4 cats & 2 dogs -- I have trouble resisting. I just don't understand a person who can surrender any animal. It's disgusting.

  7. TexasMargarita 87 months ago | reply

    I find this book so meaningful. It was given to me by the President of Commerce Humane Association where I volunteer. I became involved with homeless animals shortly after having some dumped in my yard. I now have two spoiled pussy cats who rule the domicile.Each one of us can help this situation, using our time, skills and assets along with our skills and strengths. Please spay and neuter your pets; get a puppy from a shelter instead of a pet store or puppy mill- many have pure breed "designer" dogs on a regular basis, and if someone in your neighborhood is an irresponsible pet owner-- borrow their animal take it to the vet - you may want to go out of town for this- lol and have the pet spayed or neutered on your own before returning it to your neighborhood. Try to do more than just complain- that is my goal, volunteer at your local shelters, and do what you can. many are so needy... that every contribution of money or time really makes a difference. Volunteering can be as simple as spending time at a shelter putting the animals to help them socialize in order to become more adoptable. An hour a week helps both you and the animals, and our children greatly benefit from helping those less fortunate, and when it comes time to those college apps and membership in National Honor Society, etc.... it looks good on paper to be a volunteer. Adopt a friend.
    Thanks for allowing me this avenue to vent this morning.
    Peggy in Texas
    Oh and Hey- buy Ms. Scott's books- the pictures and stories are so meaningful and inspiring.

  8. nhalip 86 months ago | reply

    There just aren't any words to say to describe the look on Riley's face. Its such a plea for help. What an incredibly handsome guy. My heart is tore up.

  9. Vasili Andreyev 86 months ago | reply

    Stunning portrait.

    Keep in touch,

  10. shhh_hafner 79 months ago | reply

    This brings tears to my eyes, how anyone could look Riley into his expressive eyes and terminate his life is beyond me. This portrait is profound!

  11. Disodium 76 months ago | reply

    Oh man this photo is so sad, i'm finally going to be at a point in my life when i can adopt a dog. But its still a few months out and in the excitement i'v been reading up and looking at shelter dogs on flickr. So sad a adorable dog like this is killed

  12. nick_14 75 months ago | reply

    When you see photos of animals that were euthanized it makes you understand why it is so important to spay and neuter and to adopt. Great shot. R.I.P Riley

  13. iambaja 75 months ago | reply

    Beautiful shot. You can see an amazing dog just by looking through his eyes. Rest well, Riley.

  14. moggierocket 73 months ago | reply

    Poor sweetheart...looks so sad and worried, As if he knew how it would end...incomprehensible.....I wish people would stop breeding dogs and neuter them until the time comes there are no more shelter dogs that get euthanized!

  15. scone_pix 72 months ago | reply

    run free, riley.
    amazing portrait!

  16. Bettie Page Styled 67 months ago | reply

    Riley, I'm sorry that you had such a sad ending.

  17. rebeccashelor685 13 months ago | reply

    :'( Foster, rescue adopt. No need for killing

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