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Printed a few saved emails from my aunt and tucked them into a pocket. I think I'll add some more as I save them. The flair (bottom left) even says love notes :)


Journaling reads:

One time when Auntie Faye was leaving and the grils were sad I was telling them how lucky they are to have so much contact with her. I told them when I was little that we only got to talk to Auntie Faye a few times a year on the phone. Usually both her and Uncle Bob were on the phone and Janine and I had to get on the phone. It was hard to hear but it was expensive to call so we had to be quick. She would send a few cards and/or letters a year. We would see her once every one or two years.


So see how lucky you are, girls? Kira replied "why didn't you just email her?" Umm, because computers weren't even invented. Now we are 'on' all the time. It's even cheap to call when you are traveling.


But now...we call her whenever we want. Whether she's in Osoyoos or Arizona. We call whatever day of the week or time of the day we want. We all can take our turns talking to her. She and I email all the time: updates, questions, jokes. We keep in touch on Facebook and post pictures to see what's happening. We go to Osoyoos every summer. She comes here and we go to Arizona occasionally. We mail cards quite often. Times have changed.

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Taken on May 12, 2011