FY21 U.S. Finalists - All Categories (31)
U.S. FINALISTS – Category 1 (alphabetized by last name)

1.Gadget Toyota Car by Hahrin Vivian Chiang, age 7, Santa Monica, CA
2.The Tasty Wonderland in Space by Makayla L. Chiang, age 6, Yorba Linda, CA
3.Unicorn Hospital Car by Shiloh Gia David, age 4, Dayton, NJ
4.The Hotel Car by Jerrick (Jerri) Hu, age 7, Chandler, AZ
5.Paradise by Zhousihan Huang, age 5, Bogart, GA
6.Fun Flying Car by Alex J. Park, age 4, Sherman Oaks, CA
7.Pure Water Vehicle by Lea Haeun Shin, age 6, Los Angeles, CA
8.Disinfection Vehicle by Allison Xinyu Yi, age 6, Wellesley, MA
9.Dream Car by Olivia Xu, age 4, Duluth, GA
10.Moon Car by Olivia Yoo, age 7, South Lyon, MI
11.My Wonderful Little World by Joy Chi Zhao


U.S. FINALISTS – Category 2 (alphabetized by last name)

1.Santa Gift Car by Avni Reddy Choudepally, age 10, Cary, NC
2.Saver of Earth by Reena Fu, age 10, Diamond Bar, CA
3.The Hummingcar of Harmony by Hanna Elizabeth Hong, age 9, Lansdowne, VA
4.Dream Car That Makes Glaciers by Junyoung Kim, age 10, Fairfax, VA
5.The Hospital Car by Chloe Kwon, age 10, Flushing, NY
6.Dragon Car (Protector of Hopes and Dreams) by Jean Lee, age 11, Los Angeles, CA
7.Toyota Eco Car by Maggie Liu, age 10, Milpitas, CA
8.Ocean Eco Car by Brendan Park, age 10, Los Angeles, CA
9.The Nar-Whale Car by Grace Sun, age 10, Livingston, NJ
10.Bubble Car by Rebecca Wu, age 10, Medina, WA


U.S. FINALISTS – Category 3 (alphabetized by last name)

1.Fly Higher with Toyota by Jiawei (Jery) Chen, age 14, Montverde, FL
2.Connections of the Worlds by Shirley Xiao Gao, age 14, Batavia, IL
3.Mother Nature by Emily Harper Gelbard, age 14, Leonia, NJ
4.Saving the Future by Olivia Hur, age 12, La Crescenta, CA
5.Magical Bubble Car by Chloe Hyoleen Kim, age 14, Issaquah, WA
6.The Dream by Toyota by Jude Alexander Martinez, age 13, Bentonville, AR
7.Toyota Magic Car by Ava N. Park, age 14, Sherman Oaks, CA
8.Traveling through Time by Erin Min Ro, age 15, Torrance, CA
9.Lightbulb Car by Lynn Sun, age 12, Livingston, NJ
10.Architect of Innovation by Eric Xie, age 15, Austin, TX
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